Using B7ADE's browser? Something not working? Post in here

Encountering problems with Fireant's launcher or B7ADE's Server browser or having difficulties getting started? Post in here and we will help you the best we can!
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Using B7ADE's browser? Something not working? Post in here

Post by B7ADE » Thu May 08, 2014 5:42 am

Hi guys! Finally made an account on here (now gimme admin!). So yeah, this is the current browser: ... sp=sharing

The old one (and following, the current one) will be slowly phased out for a browser that'll work in an entirely different (better?) way, so I'm trying to get everyone to switch to the above browser.

This post is here for three primary reasons:
1. Get everyone to switch over to the new browser (or at least off the old browser, the in-game browser works great with favs)
2. Identify the issues with the new browser in hopes that I'll fix it or keep in mid for the next version
3. Suggestions for the new browser

If anyone's concerned about my technical level (for interaction/communication purposes), I'm a software developer with a BSc, who deals with this stuff day in day out, so, let me have it, no need to dumb it down.

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