Quick Guide: How to TROC

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Quick Guide: How to TROC

Post by Binswees » Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:28 am

Hi! As it actually looks like we are getting close to a 3 vs 3 TROC tourny, it's about time I get this guide up. It's obvious now that people have a real hard time getting the hang of this mod, not only newer players, but also old ones, so here it goes.


TROC is mod in Tribes Vengeance where the Energy pack boost has been increased a lot. You can still pick any armour and weapons you want to use.


The idea with TROC is to point all focus towards FLAG play, buff the offence and make the game more intense and faster while also raising overall skill ceiling for all positions in the game.

The energy pack boosts were not increased just for "lols", which is what many players think.

TROC is NOT played like vanilla (default mode). So below, I will go through all positions in TROC and explain how to play them properly.

I will use the Tourny 3v3 ruleset as guideline, but obviously these tips can be applied in any numbers.


So far it feels like 2 offence and 1 defence is the best option. It's easier pressing 1 key to get a lot of speed over consistenly hitting people going very fast if you get what I mean. And you know what they say "the best defence, is a good offence".


In TROC there are 2 different ways to cap that are effective, of couse, if possible, it's good to change between them.

1. The first way is the good old front grab. Basically you just use the grapple to launch yourself, preferebly with catapults (if the map has any) and you just go straight for a front grab by using the boost as soon as you start moving. This results in a lot of grab pressure with good speeds. This is also what you use to crash the enemy stand when a emergency-grab is needed.

2. The other way, which takes a bit more awereness and skill is the "suprise grab". What you do, is you want to find the quickest way to get close to the enemy stand from prefered angle but WITHOUT using your boost. As you start getting close, you want to start looking for an oppertunity to use the saved up boost for the "suprise grab". What this mean is you want to catch the defence off guard or even better, get the kill. As soon as you see an oppertunity, just boost for that damn flag!

Both methods have their cons and pros, so try switching it up if possible for best result.

What you don't want to do, is go for long setups as that's just a waste of time in TROC.


Not much has changed here really. You have a lot of options. You can go with Heavy on flag, snipe, go for blocks or whatever you feel is working for you.

What has changed though, is that you will need a whole lot more awereness. If you stop paying attention for just a second while a capper is nearby, there's a big chance your flag will be gone, and that is with a whole lot of speed too! So watch the fuck out!

Another thing the defence has to be extra aware of, is whether to go for the chase, or just go straight for a emergancy grab. Here it's all about experience but also team communication.


This is where people truely struggle. So this will be abit longer paragraph. Right now most people chase like they do in vanilla, which is awful and results in a rabbit that feels extremely overpowered.

The very main thing to think about when chasing in TROC is to NEVER use the boost before the rabbit, UNLESS it's for an emergancy grab OR you are certain you can get the kill, or atleast do a shitton of damage so that your teammates can finish the job.

What you want is to have the boost ready and timed with the rabbit. So this mean, if the rabbit boosts away for speed or to change direction, you NEED to be able to do the same at once.

Here's what NOT to do:

So what happens when you use the boost before therabbit or just dont have the boost ready? Well, you get a tiny window to get your shots off sure, but if the rabbit has any awereness, all that the rabbit has to do is a grapple turn and boost away in a different direction.. and there you stand without speed looking like a silly goat watching the rabbit go bye bye.

Here's how to do it right:

First of all you need to get the chase going, but you dont use the boost for this, no. If you feel you are going too slow to even get the chase started, just use a fucking Disc Jump. Ok so now lets pretend you finally got some speed and are getting close to the rabbit.. here comes the sercret.. ONLY use the boost if the rabbit does! Because this way, you will keep up with the sudden acceleration, and since both of your boost regenerates just as quickly, its just to repeat. THAT's all.. Even thought it sounds obvious.. people fail at this over and over, and I honestly dont know why.

So... dj if needed and have the boost ready and timed with the rabbit!


Pretty much like vanilla only that llama grabs are a lot more useful. So use what you feel comfortable with and try to kill the defence for your capper, timing is key here obviously.

1. If your capper doesnt make it , first see if you can get a good llama grab going, if not, just suicide and try again.

2. If your capper gets out, see if you can kill the chaser if alive, otherwise suicide and go escort or suicide and secure your own flag, depending on your capper's health.


This means both teams have grabbed the flag. What seems to be the best tactic here is to have everyone but the rabbit chase. But as soon as the rabbit calls for help, one of the chasers need to abort the chase and go escort immediately. Either decide who to go fpr escorts before the game, or communicate on the go to see who is in best poistion to do so.


When you have the flag in a standoff, you are the rabbit. The only tip here is to NOT just use the boost randomly as soon as it's ready. It's better to have it ready for when shit gets dangerous, or your team gets the return so you can get back to base quicker.


When meeting your capper for a pass, don't use the boost before the flag drop unless you have to. If the pass goes wrong you really going to need that boost to get the flag. It's just a lot safer.

I think I covered the most for now, I will update the list if I see I missed something. Also feel free to ask if you got any questions! :)
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Re: Quick Guide: How to TROC

Post by Keelei » Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:14 am

What button do i press to boost? I see people go fast fast but i thought theyre just cheating i didnt know i can do that :(

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Re: Quick Guide: How to TROC

Post by HighDive » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:39 pm

Good read. I hope it helps people out a bit.


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Re: Quick Guide: How to TROC

Post by Sengers » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:46 pm

I still suck. Keelei didn't mind tho. :)

Next time I rape you Keelei, no worries!

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Re: Quick Guide: How to TROC

Post by HighDive » Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:59 am

Would it be possible to get some examples online before the league starts?


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