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Mapping Tutorial

Post by DiceRolla » Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:47 pm

that should be all of them on youtube

might have missed one so here is the playlist ... j-jX7SZmEE

I'll edit this later

Tip0=You can add brushes with CTRL+A and subtract them with CTRL+S?
Tip1=If you right click the "Add Mover" button you can select from a menu of mover types?
Tip2=If you right click the "Add Volume" button you can select from a menu of volume types?
Tip3=If you right click the toolbar at the top of a viewport, a menu will appear allowing you to control the appearance of that viewport?
Tip4=You can toggle the drawing of static meshes with the "W" key?
Tip5=You can toggle the drawing of actors with the "H" key?
Tip6=You can toggle the drawing of the builder brush with the "B" key?

found this in the system folder tved tips .ini or osmethign of the like, this is very usefual or atleast the last three lines


Adding Brush Ctrl A adds a brush

Terrain T to toggle viewing of terrain off and on. DO not have the tarrain tool active when building a map image it will build in the red terrain brush to the control map

Subtracting Brush Ctrl S subtracts brush, after every subtraction you need to build geometry, it messes with the zoneing if you don't and then you need to start over in a whole new file from the ground up. textures can be imported over and so can static mesh but nothing else.

Navigation Main View

right click hold is rotate camera 360 spherically

left click hold is rotate camera left right and move back and forth.

Ctrl left click hold move selected object

Right Click object brings up the object settings menu

Hold Ctrl and left click objects selects objects and add or subtract to / from selection 1 at a time

Hold shift and left click the camera will move with the object while moving this also works while clicking both left and right mouse buttons to move up or down on the Z axis

Navigation Top Front Side views

hold Ctrl and Alt Left Click Drag draws selection box

Right Click hold moves camera left and right

Hold both mouse buttons Zoom

Left Click Hold move left and right

Ctrl left click hold move selected object

Hold shift and left click the camera will move with the object while moving

Sky When you first open a map to toggle the skybox on and off you hit "K"

Fog to toggle fog on and off you hit "F"

Grid when starting make sure you have the "toggle grid snap" on

Brush make sure your builder brush (the red wire frame shape) is on the grid

Pivot Point make sure to set the "toggle Rotation Snap" on

Grid Size make sure to set your grid to something small like 1 2 4 8 or 16

Units ONLY use number that are exponents of 1

the units the editor likes go as follows 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 and so on (4096 is 2/3'rds the length of the ship in firswave)

if you want to use an increment between say 256 and 512 you use an exponent of 1 soo what I do to get that number is 256+128=384 or 512-128=384 you could subtract or add 64, but when using a brush ALL WAYS use these sizes if your in between grid lines and your grid size is set to 1 you fucked up.

ReSetting BuilderBrush all ways build the builder brush, select the brush, go to the top of the screen and find the brush menu and find reset, move to origin and build the brush again when starting a new map, or editing someone elses map this sets your brush on the grid with it's pivot point sitting on the world origin the exact center of the unreal engine universe you build in.

BSP0 do not rotate brushes after they have been added to the world (not something I live by but it is something to swear by) all the editing to the shape should be done to the red brush befor it is added or subtracted to/from the world.

BSP1 NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER! overlap brushes EVER this causes BSP holes they can meet and run parallel but never intersect. I do occasionally build with intersecting BSP but only with very simple shapes and I make sure they only intersect on two planes not 3 or 4 (an excellent example of this building around a bsp hole is my version of raindance and the flag stand on tourettes) I do this because sometimes you can counteract a bsp hole and make it work but it typically dosen't work out well.

BSP2 if you build geometry or lighting and your sky box smears it's a BSP hole, what has happened is even if on the structure your working on looks fine is it is still sending a shard of collision, or visual and collison data out to your skybox interfering with the rendering of the sky zone in your skybox. there is 1 of 3 things that wil fix this if your building zones properly
first move your sky box and rebuild useually fixes it
second move your building or rotate it back to it's original position. brushes don't like to be rotated sometimes it just causes errors.
third move your zone portal some, like instead of even with the interior or exterior of the building move it to the middle of the brush
fourth if those fail start over the shape is to complex find another way to build it. there are a number of different ways to build the same shape, I think 8 to be exact, soo for every bsp issue there is a potential 7 other ways to fix it or make it worse.

Technique0 now when building a structure I make one large cube under it like larger buildings I go with Z 4096 X 4096 Y 4096 then build above it using the center pivot point of that cube as the center of my building so if the building needs to be rotated it can be from center, and the center of the building can be quickly and easily located to make changes or take measurements from. now I know earlier I said don't rotate brushes I all ways do..I make one building duplicate it then rotate it for the opposite team then recolor it. it's still wrong..but 98% of the time it works and it's fast.

Technique1 when making complex shapes make a small one as a template add it to the world somewhere then use the builder brush to add it to your structure, the point is so that you in the future can go back and grab that little piece and go to the tools menu convert tobrush and get the same shape brush back and jsut vertex edit it to the desired size.

Technique2 with some complex shapes the engine just will not render in BSP so what you can do is make a shape with bsp, texture it, make sure there are no brush faces that are parallel on the visible sides (they will render both sides at once does not look nice) and select the brushes, go to tools / convert / to static mesh. this will bring up a menu with options save it to pkg (first field) MyLevel (second field) subclass (third field) object name. now if you leave the subclas empty it will be added to the class MyLevel and you may have to click the "All" button to see the texture / mesh you just created / imported. Some things have to go in the parent MyLevel pkg (witch is actually just a pkg within the .tvm) like the levelmaptexture. But that will take you buggy BSP shape convert it to a mesh so that you can then use the mesh in the world without causing any BSP issues. Also the pivot point of the builder brush will become hte pivot point of the newly created static mesh. So if you builder brush is at world origin and you built your mesh + 4096 X and + 4096 Y of the world origin the mesh's perminent pivot point will be -4096 X -4096 Y from your mesh sooo, when converting make sure to have the pivot point somewhere on or in the mesh the pivot poitn is the little red + sign that is all ways at the center of a newly build builder brush.

Technique3 there is an "add special brush" button / menu on the left with your tools you can add 6 different types of brushes sometimes when the engine has a hard time rendering a shape you can use this tool to make it work by adding "semi-solid" brushes, they do not collide the same as normal brushes, they do not zone the same as normal brushes (makes them not good for major structural blocks) but they collide close enough to make sense and therefore are useful as ornamental objects or a medium to work with for the above technique. They do however render textures and lighting the same as BSP witch is much nicer than how light is rendered on static mesh.

Zoneing0 you need to add a zone portal sheet to every doorway, option is found in the add special brush menu. again do now overlap if possible (zone portals are more lax on this than any other brushes) it is ok to use more than one zone portal brush per doorway an octagonal doorway can be sealed with 3 sheets a top beveled, a middle square, a bottom beveled.

Zoneing1 under add special brush there is an option for an "Anti-Portal" brush, this is a brush that collides, has no faces to render but blocks a players rendering, soo lets say we have a terrain valley, or a large hill in the center of the map that we look at a lot, if we put an antiportal under the hill it will stop the rendering of objects on the other side of the hill in the players line of sight effectively boosting frame rates. there is also an anti portal button of it's own it's a cube with the letters AP on it.

Zoneing2 IF you zone your building, and the sun actor is still acting on it after you have build lighting, there is a big bsp hole in your building somewhere, you might not see it in the editor or even in the game but it exsists somewhere in the world and is causing you problems and ultimately a hole in your zone letting in the sunlight information and terrain information from your terrain zone. Same goes for weather. you need to either find the hole and fix it it's often a brush thats been overlapped by 1 unit and has gone un noticed or build the building over from the ground up witch is quite often the case if people don't build on the grid or with exponents.

BSP / Zoneing there is a view option that shows you the BSP cuts this shows you how the engine sees it and how potential BSP problems may occur, if you look around the opening in the flag stand (tourettes falgstand) because of the complexity of the subtraction box it has created all those ripples in the face, they are essentially weak spots, in complex structures these lines are where BSP holes form. So it's a good place to check now and then to atleast understand how complex what your working on actually is to the engine if you are having issues while building a structure. it looks like this Image

normal views


MyLevel Anything saved in the MyLevel pkg will disappear if not used in the world when you reopen even if you imported a texture or mesh but just never used it and saved the map, it will still discard it once you close the editor. Also anything the Mylevel pkg from another map does not need to be duplicated copied or anything jsut..say I want a texture from...MP-REV-Strait.tvm I open up the map, it opens the mylevel pkg, then I open the map I want to use it in say MP-REV-Tourettes.tvm it's open and in the mylevel texture pkg with all of straits and tourettes textures so long as none of htem share the same name / sublocation then the second map you open will overwrite files with the same name location. but use the desired texture / mesh in your world and save then BAM it's there the next time you open the map. MyLevel I assume you can save anything to it I have not tryed saving classes to it yet but it's a pkg soo it should all those old bot maps with an extra "bots.pkg" should have probley jsut saved those bots files to Mylevel instead of creating a separate file would have been easier to use, but I also se why they made a stand alone pkg to, witch is to preserve all the information perminently so other people could use it in the future.

Finishing so your done all your settings are where you want and it's time to test shit out go to the top, build menu, scroll down find build all, sit and wiat thru that then go to that same menu again and click build map image, it will build the control map, then after that go back to the same menu and click build mopp it says it builds the mopp when you build all but as I recall it doesn't or it builds a faulty one. Also from this menu you can access the "finalise terrain" option withc builds the lighting information for your terrain IF you have a macro texture on the terrain, it is best to use a WHITE 2048X2048 texture (or larger) for the lighting information and your overall macro texture. once lighting has been built open the mylevel texture browser and click ALL it will be somewherei n the list, export that then mix it with your color macro in a photo editing program then re import it and use it.

Level Info I dunno if malox covered this in his video tutorials so actor groups browser, levelinfo properties you are interested in the Havok rollout and the LevelSumary rollout you need to set the title and the game modes in the sumary and you need to set the name in the havok, anything else is up to you

lets see covered ambient sounds in another thread..tiling textures in another thread, worldmachine in another thread...

oh umm terrain textures must be in TRGA TGA formats, once in the editor they must be right clicked covert to alpha then right click properties surface properties alphasurface=true except for the height map that must be right clicked convert to heightfiled g16

all textures can be converted apon importing so technically you can create and save everything in trga tga format then convert to desired dxt format or norml format apon or after importing, personally I like to leave them tga...they can be exported with the alphas and the color information intact dxt3's when exported change the color my weapon skins go from teal to yellow.

ambient sounds can be found in hte class browser under engine keypoint. projectors can be found in the class browser engine projector to add a light just right click in the world.

if you ever have hte option to drag osmeting or capy paste / duplicate it do the lader rather than the former, click and drag does not seem to work so well.

do not duplicate actors, spawn points generators flags deployable spawns invos sensors.. anything you added to the world from the class browser. I make exceptions for projectors, ambientsounds, zoneinfo, sunlight, and dynamic objects.

dynamic objects, open any texture / mesh .pkg thru the class browser it will show you the useable dynamic objects within that pkg.

if you open something in the class browser and it just defualts to all or engine..then theres nothing class related or visually engine related in that pkg open another one..its the class browser version of 404 not found.

I know nothing about particle emitters...other than how to add them and change thier skins, open an emitter pkg in the class browser, then add them to the world like you would a static mesh. or anything else.

every mesh, sound, emitter can be set to "bworldDetailhigh" (or ultra high dont rember exactly how it's worded) so that they only show up with the world detail setting on in the game menu.

I do not belive this works for BSP, terrain macros and decolayers also can be turned off ingame and do not have a settining the editor as a result.

grouping actors is super convenient but also super time consuming it makes making changes easy but thats only important if you are making constant revisions

tehres a button to add volumes like water, elevator, and some other stuff

I think the rest of it I'm totally ignorant of soo the tools for the most part as well as properties are self explanatory I've put all the info I have in this new content forum good luck.

I feel I have missed a small yet imporant detail somewhere...if anyone finds it post it lmao and I'll update this thread
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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by DiceRolla » Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:50 pm

is there a way to get videos off of youtube I treyd firefoxes download helper it said it could rip them but it never did is there another way to do this?

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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by Hawk » Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:00 pm

there are websites that do this for you, I only currently really know one thats in finnish, but you really don't need to understand finnish to use it.. Just copypaste the video URL in the bar there and click the LATAA button, then you will see 2 lists of options, first one which quality to download in and the second one is for format (alkuperäinen means original), then you just click the "lataa" button again and boom the site will convert the video and automatically download it to your computer.. Now for sure there should be websites in english that accomplish the same thing but this is the one i know of and its simple enough, copy paste 2 button clicks and done.
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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by OakTribes » Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:08 pm

Very helpful. Thanks for posting these!

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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by DiceRolla » Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:31 pm

Hawk wrote:there are websites that do this for you, I only currently really know one thats in finnish, but you really don't need to understand finnish to use it.. Just copypaste the video URL in the bar there and click the LATAA button, then you will see 2 lists of options, first one which quality to download in and the second one is for format (alkuperäinen means original), then you just click the "lataa" button again and boom the site will convert the video and automatically download it to your computer.. Now for sure there should be websites in english that accomplish the same thing but this is the one i know of and its simple enough, copy paste 2 button clicks and done.

google translate =D I end up using it a lot on electronic and bonsai information on the web

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