Hi there, fifato here.

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Hi there, fifato here.

Post by Fifato » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:48 pm

In case you dont know me, I used to be Tribaling in the years 2011 - 2014, mostly 11 & 12.
I was playing Starsiege before TV, but I "grew up" on Vengeance.

I met one of my best friends there, we used to play almost every day.
We never met in real life, but that doesnt change the fact that the stuff we went through is unforgetable.
Since ~August 2014 I have not exchanged a single word with him.

I announced my good bye in spring 2014. That was somewhere right after the worst times for TV, when the masterserver died and the community too.
There was some effort from people to bring it back, including me.
I remember I hunted down so many people on xfire (rip), facebook, armleg forums (rip), only to make a 2v2 game...
Shoutout to Fireant (rip?) for doing this too. There was more of you helping but I dont remember any names now, sorry for that.

I thought these will be my final words.

Well, apparently, they werent.
I had to go back, one day.
Memories tied me to the game. You cant quit something forever if its possible to go back.

2013, summer holidays.
I remember I somehow managed to put about 20 people from czech/slovakia together in a skype group.
With some work we played some 6+ player matches.
I guess I dont even know the names of all those people now and I lost contacts on them.

Anyways, fast forward to this September.
I stopped playing competitive TF2, a lot of effort went into that yet it was wasted (again)
Then Overkill fucks up PD2 and I slowly lose interest in it.

At this stage, I am free.
So I go back to bhopping, which I still continue to do.
And then that moment... when I start to realize that you guys are alive more than ever before.
I see the screens, the texts...

So I make the decision to dig some info about the games state, and the state of the other Tribes games.
I feel like something is happening.
Nostalgia won. But it could not be possible, without you guys.

So, here I am. From my point of view it looks like heaven.
What we all did together is an amazing story.
This is not just an "I am back" letter,
I wanna say huge thank you, to everybody.

YOU guys brought me back.

The actual kickstart was by HighDive, when he asked for helping hands.
I went to install TV again, and started hepling with this project. As I felt I should give something back.
Also I have been playing for few days, just under a random nickname.

Now, its ownage time.

I love you all


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Re: Hi there, fifato here.

Post by Mercury » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:58 pm

Welcome Back :D

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Re: Hi there, fifato here.

Post by Hawk » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:13 pm

Nice post, was motivational and inspirational. Thanks for that and welcome back.
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