Need little info to get started

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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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Need little info to get started

Post by Revenant -Mar Sara- » Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:58 pm

Howdy, I found out this mod today and get somewhat interested. But first let me introduce myself and reasons for my post.

Firstly I wish that who ever answers this, is someone who knows something about something, just a another player saying hi and lol and all that, not interested...
Also when this post have served it's purpose, admins or whoever keep watch over this site, can remove this post. Just to keep site nice and clear as my questions most likely are answered somewhere here within the hundreds of topics...
But you must understand that I have no interest of wading all of them to found what I seek.
I'm also admin myself on other site and have keep it clear for years, answered people asking just as I ask now, so I know why I do that like that, hope people don't take this as offence or so ;)
And naturally I will read all those helps that is done there, but I want also personal simple answers from players who run this...


Alright, year and 2 months ago I get interested of Tribes Ascend, it really looks, sounds and feels like great game, just what I was looking for.
More complex game for more adult players, fair, nice and great attitude players, so I kind a believe it to be good wrong I was...
Basically the idea is just that good one, in's the most crappy game I have ever seen and I have played games decades, longer many of you have lived.
Ok I could accept even half-made game that crash constantly, but never, never I will accept gaming community like that there is.
From the very start when I start it, there was cheaters playing and to the point of enough, there was cheaters playing, basically the hole game and gaming community is so rotten, so twisted and so fucked-up piece of shit that I have to seek another game.
And the dev team is even more guilty, they actually have to do all that on purpose and keep it like that, to allow that kind shit going from day to another...
So everything in it today, is waste of time to even speak about it (but I have to that you understand a bit of my reasons :P )


So I install few days ago Tribes Vengeance which I have keep in my stash nearly 10 years and never before even installing it (I also have Tribes 1 and 2 and never played a single game of them :lol: ). That's where it goes when you have over thousand games and decide to play 1 of them nearly 10 years ;)
Ok I check finally Vengeance and god damn! It really feels good for me from the start, the single player actually feels lot more "right" than the matches in Ascend, any day. Even that my bots did nothing else than fly around me and stay to secure some spot on map, it was more team play than those pathetic cheating egomaniac fucks on Ascend.
Also I liked the game engine and physics more, Ascend is like sterile tasteless burger without even salt, there on Vengeance I can do lot more with the "world" around me. It even feel bit harder to handle, especially the ski system...

So the pretty much only and greatest flaw, is simply lack of bots on real multiplayer game. I know how the world shouts how the bots are not worth to play and I can answer; I care not your stupidity for you are equally braindead as zombie before and after armor piercing explosive round have penetrated your cranium :D .

So I already found things like botmap from your selection of custom maps and interest point get just higher, didn't work just on plain installed and officially patched Vengeance but that's what I expected, need most likely ReVengeance mod, as I understand right ;)


Ok, here's what I look to be answered

- Is there active players on Tribes Vengeance (normal) or do they all play mod. Is that ReVengeance the only and main mod that people play or how many active mods there is.

- Is there bots to have on same game modes and maps that people play as multiplay.

- When this site was started and when that mod was created - the ReVengeance. What was it's reasons and how the the hole Tribes Universe is seen here on this site...what's the "essence" of it.

- How many cock sucking fucking asshole whore or whore's fuckchilds here cheat, or are you fuckers just all cheaters. Or do you have what it takes to keep them away, do you have balls of steel and iron fist to rule so the playing is clean.
(Have to ask as the very world were we live, is full of cheaters. In every game, cheaters infest and I have zero interest anymore to "understand" them. The very day they are torn from their hides and killed on street, on real life, I will celebrate.)


There is was :) . I wish not hundreds of shitty meaningless answers from braindead fuckchilds but a real one (or few) from someone who know what he/she speaks of, if my style is too negative and you get shocked of my way to speak, feel free to delete this topic right away and remove my account.
I made it so that we all know exactly what I'm seeking, if that is too much, then it's better that I don't waste my time on this anymore.

Anyway if you didn't get hurt and you are real players playing by the rules, have guts like a man and keep the game clear...then hell! Just what I seek and are more than willing to start playing this and keep active server running + maintaining it personally to kick every motherfucking cheater right to his/her teeth.

...Also I'm not that negative I might look ;) , I just hate cheaters and have get so enough of all bullshit and shit games the world today full is.
Just a one game, one beautiful nearly perfect game where good men are, all that man ever need... :P

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Re: Need little info to get started

Post by HighDive » Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:32 pm


- First of all, things have died down a little bit, but yes, there still are active players. It used to be quite some more a couple of months/years ago, but we can easily return to that state should more people start helping me on an active base. Real numbers I can't really give you, as I have been inactive for the past two months. I can, however, direct you towards two other sources of activity: the Facebook groups.

- Yes, it is possible to add Ai controlled players to the multiplayer game, but given the fact that every step forward was achieved by community effort alone, it still requires a lot of work and coding to make them operate decently in a multiplayer environment.

- This website was started over a year ago, when I decided it was time to revive this baby. The game had died completely, because the master servers were taken down. We have managed to fix all that and now this website, together with a couple of others, give players the chance to once again download game content and interract with other players.

The reason a lot of content is featured on here, is because I believe it is the only way we can hope to play games on an active base. As you said yourself, people are not going to be looking on a trillion different websites and forum topics for a bit of help or content. It needs to be in one place, structured, etc. And trust me when I say not even 25% of all the T:V game files, history, information... is featured on this website.

Revengeance is not a mod, rather a community build upgrade of the original game. Look at it as a patch, which got build-in the original game.

- In every game there are cheaters. Whether the creators, community managers, server admins... want it or not. However, having played this game over 7000 hours myself, I can tell you that there are little to no active cheaters in this game anymore. On one hand because the game is near-dead, on the other hand because caught cheaters are dealt with harshly. Not to mention that we have a mod running that disables a particular cheat.

A word of caution, however. Given that this game is close to celebrating its 11th anniversary, many of the remaining players have mastered the game completely. In simple terms, things that seem impossible to do for a newcomer, is usually everyday stuff. Tribes is a game that has a VERY STEEP learning curve, but one who masters the game can rein chaos on those who didn't. My point is simple: even though it may looks like cheating from an untrained eye, it isn't cheating. Imagine yourself doing the same thing for over a decade, spending thousands of hours into something.. logically you get pretty good at it.

Many, many, many people have made the mistake in the past calling people cheaters, hackers and whatnot even though they were completely innocent. This has had a very bad influence on the game, even in such manner that it made close to everyone leave when the master servers went out. There were and are ways to still play without master server, but what fun is it getting called a cheater and a hacker every few minutes? It is fun for a while, after that it gets annoying to say the least.

- So let me wrap this up for you. The game is pretty dead, isolated, but good games can still be had. Many of the remaining players are veterans who have spent their childhood into this game and as of such have become dauntingly good at it. This can be very intimidating for a newcomer. Most players try to help newcomers by being polite towards them and trying to help them when one asks for help. However, there are always those who can't get over themselves.

All content, information and help you can ever need (or will ever find), can be found on this website and the both Facebook groups I have linked earlier.

I wish you good luck and hopefully we'll catch one another on the fields of vengeance some time!


Revenant -Mar Sara-
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Re: Need little info to get started

Post by Revenant -Mar Sara- » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:03 am

Just a kind answer I was looking for, not a short few line which tells nothing but a real answer 8-) .

- True that, cheaters are in every game, but if the game itself holds working kick/ban system for admin and players at least somewhat actively try to prevent it, is working enough.
I'm not losing my day if I happen to see 1 cheater once a while and can remove him easily when running server, but if it's like Ascend where you can't even keep own server running (without some pervert rent system) and kick vote ain't working, game makers allow it everyday with not caring, then it goes to point where there ain't reason for playing anymore. When the game is more like infested with them than rare occasion of 1 or 2 dudes checking how it feel to play by cheat.
Tribes Ascend is now like cancer, in it's final states.

That's right ;) , this is game where players do unbelievable things, nearly impossible to believe if you haven't done yourself and understand what makes it possible first place. I haven't play Tribes more than this year but I already know the meaning of mastering this game...even that I myself don't master it :roll: . But I have little asset on my side to compensate that...inhumanity :roll: which most likely I see from the very first round on real multiplay match in this game.
The game I played nearly decade, just as you have play this decade, is similar, in a way 8-) . It too is game where you can reach inhuman states of how good you can play, almost no one ever heard of it and game community was small in begin, it was small in it's golden days and even smaller when it dies 3-4 years ago, but it was one of best games if you were looking game on that universe; the alien/predator universe.
In there I reach that state where beginners could not believe to be possible, so it's not new or unseen to me, mastering a game.
In there too was cheaters, actually so much, it killed majority of that game, only place where cheating wasn't allowed and prevented efficiently, was my server. Which I oversee with a iron fist 8-)
Hard but fair, and I do it only with way to kick cheating just as I see is possible here as admin of your server. So I believe cheating can be prevented just as efficiently here and as you say there remains only those real players who play here cause they want to play this game, it all looks quite right.

Second of my asset is I don't give up just cause things get hard, so long as thing itself interests me, things can go all hard as they like, so long as we all play same game 8-)

So, this feels like right one, I don't need million games to play, just one. One I can play for years ahead and get better (the million games I play then are plain singleplay games, only 1 multiplay in it's time is enough).
I might come bit too late in a way but I'm also used to small game community, I don't need thousands players, just few or few dozen, if it's hundred, it's huge for my needs. So there ain't problem in that too ;) I can play CTF even with one :P

- I count it to take few days to read things here to get started, install things needed and week or another to practice enough to learn basics of maps+classes/weapons/items so on...
To get fusor hits right, hitting targets far away as they fly on the's a thing of years or maybe months if I'm lucky, we'll see what gods favor for my part :roll:

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