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This topic will list all the rules that apply to the game servers. Make sure you understand all of the rules.

The game servers are administrated by the following server admins.

The following rules apply to all game servers:

By joining our servers, you are expected to fully understand and follow the following rules. Our gameservers can be identified by their names, which will always contain "". Failing to adjust your behavoir as such, can and WILL lead to you being removed or ultimately banned from the server. There is NO excuse not to follow these rules! You also agree to understand these rules can be updated at any given time, by no one but HighDive (or "Killer"). It is your own responsibility to make sure you know and understand each and every rule!

1. Respect each other! This means it is not tolerated to: insult, verbally abuse, intimidate, swear, sexually harass or e-stalk anyone!

2. No teamkilling! It is not tolerated to kill your own team, in any circumstance. The only time it is allowed is when it may come to the benifit of the game. (For example: flag carrier is low HP and you can grab the flag immediatly after)

3. No vigilantism! This means it is forbidden to go teamkill someone because he teamkilled you, for example.

4. No cheats, hacks or exploits! Using any cheat, hack or exploit can and will lead to you being banned indefinitely! There will be no exceptions!

5. Respect the serveradmins! Avoid discussing with server admins. They have been appointed for a reason. Therefore it is imperative you always listen to the serveradmins! Should you feel you are treated wrongly, then it is your responsibility to provide Killer/HighDive with proof you have been. Only screenshots or videos are taken as proof! You can contact him here.

6. No excessive spamming! This means it is not allowed to spam quickchat or spamming regular chat. Of course, you can do it a once or twice but that's enough. Crossing the line may cause you to be removed from the server!

7. No kickvoting for low/fun motives! It is not allowed to kickvote people for fun or low motives. Examples of this are kickvoting because someone destroys a deployable invo or because that person uses burner or sniper! Doing so will get you banned indefinately!

8. Don't restrict other people's gamestyle! This means it is forbidden to force someone to play the way you want. For example: someone uses sniper rifle, but you want to highspeed chase with spinfusor and grenade launcher only. In that situation you can kindly ask that person to do so too, but in no possible way is it justified to force, harass or kickvote that person to do so! Doing so will get you removed from the server indefinitely!
Furthermore, everything that is allowed server-side, is allowed to be used. Are vehicles and turrets/mines enabled? That means it is ALLOWED to use them. Forcing people to not use them, will result in being removed indefinately.

9. Respect NewBloods! These days we have a huge influx of new people. By joining this server you agree to help the NewBloods and answer possible questions they have. It is not allowed, in any given circumstance, to harass, insult or intimidate the NewBlood. Should you do so, you can be removed from the server indefinitely!

10. No namecodes It is forbidden to use colour- or other tags. Doing so will get you removed and can lead to a ban.

11. No insulting or bad names It is forbidden to have insulting names or other nicknames which people find offensive. Examples are "Bitch" and "Hitler". Anyone caught can and will be removed from the server.


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