*BREAKING* Tribes Vengeance: New master server and more!

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*BREAKING* Tribes Vengeance: New master server and more!

Post by HighDive » Sun Aug 31, 2014 6:01 pm

ATTENTION: Long post! But definitely worth reading through, so I'm not going to do a TL;DR. I promise you, if you enjoy this game or the series in the slightest bit, you will love the text below.

Hello Tribals,

Ever since Tribes Vengeance got released, the game had a very hard time staying alive. Its player base started with only a few tens of thousands of people, instead of hundreds of thousands. Instead of growing the months after, the player base kept decreasing at an unseen rate. It wasn't long before the biggest competitions and clans abandoned the scenery, on the lookout for new challenges. In 2009, The Asylum League and its servers, the last of a series of big tournaments, went offline for good. Soon after, we had the Event Horizon Servers, provided by Jool and Morpheus. Unfortunately, due to many reasons, it was decided to take them down one year later. Luckily, it didn’t take long before the Waking Fields server, funded by the community, came to life. However, the fairy-tale didn’t last long, as in 2012, Gamespy shut down the master server for Tribes Vengeance and this introduced a dark period. We could not use the in game server browser anymore and we had to rely on community made tools and server favorites that allowed us to still get a game or two going. This meant everyone had a very hard time trying to get the game working and joining a server, stand alone finding someone online. This got the game bowing down to its knees and gasping for breath. But no more! No more!

With great delight I can now announce the news that we have gotten ourselves a new master server! After a lot of research, I have taken contact with the man behind Qtracker and asked him if his master server(s), which is/are compatible with many games, could be made compatible with Tribes Vengeance. Only a few hours later history was changed: we have (a) working master server(s), which allow(s) ALL servers to be displayed using the in game server browser again (I believe the list updates every 30 seconds), like the way it used to be.
Not only that, we do no longer need to find a valid CD-Key and use the Tribes Vengeance Key Changer tool to change it. We can now play the game without a CD-key and thus, without CD-Key error messages when trying to join a server!
That is not all. Because the master server is located at another server address than Gamespy’s, we would have been required to edit our hosts file to redirect all traffic. But no more! Thanks to B7ADE, we were capable of changing the master server addresses in the data files of the game itself! So no longer do we need to do anything out of the ordinary to get the game going again! All you need to do now is either upgrade your client with an updated Engine.DLL file (link at the bottom of this post), located in the bin folder, or download and install the updated Tribes ReVengeance build (link at the bottom of this post).

The updated Tribes ReVengeance build does not only include the updated Engine.DLL file, but also includes the miscellaneous map pack. Furthermore there is one other major upgrade and that is that we have succeeded in fixing the in game patch/update button (re-enabled in the new Tribes ReVengeance build)! We are still in the process of identifying the problems and attempting to solve them, once we find them. That means that, in near future, we can provide patch support and start fixing things that are currently bugged or even totally broken. That, of course, given that we are capable of fixing it...

You might think that that is all there is to announce, but do not be fooled, I am not done yet! Many of us Tribals have recently tried out an EU test server that was being run on Linux. Many got addicted to how smooth it was, in comparison to the current servers. Therefore I have decided to start renting new servers, which also use real hardware! So no more Virtual Server crap! No more! We now got our own, real hardware, which is capable of producing a much smoother experience. These new servers can be seen and joined, using the in game server browser, as explained above! They will also appear on the Tribes ReVengeance website status page shortly . However, these servers are not here for free. Not yet. These servers are funded through player donations and every month it has been a challenge of getting the required funds together. If you enjoy the game, please consider donating. If we get enough donations, we can consider hosting a server in Australia or somewhere else, for example. You can donate by going here and pressing the Paypal donate button (once the tribesrevengeance.com makeover is done, we will have a page specially dedicated to this): http://tribesservers.wix.com/tribes-servers

Doing some research hasn't been our only occupation, however. We have also continued to work on the Promod, especially Cobra. Therefore, to my great delight, I present you the new Promod! This Promod version is heavily updated compared to the last version, the v1_rc4. This Promod has fixed the energy blade range, re-added the sniper headshot stat (with modified damage) and the ability to enable retail mode so we don’t need two separate mods anymore to run both servers! For a full change log, please check out Cobra’s post at the Tribes ReVengeance forum: http://forum.tribesrevengeance.com/view ... p=486#p486

To celebrate this incredible step forward, Keelei has made a nice video which I would like to mention as well. He put in a lot of work the last couple of days and this is the result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J5OcztBZmM (this video can be discussed in the other topic I opened)
As you may notice, this video has been uploaded on a new channel. This channel will now upload several Tribes Vengeance video's a week. I will try to upload as many video's as I can get my hands on. It will feature both fragmovies, tutorials, single player speedruns, comedy video's and much more! Please subscribe if you want to support the game and be among the first to see the video's!

Besides announcing good news, I also have a question for you Tribals: would you please share this news with everyone and anyone you think may be interested in this? It would mean very much to us, the game and the series in general!

To end my post I would like to highlight some people who have done heaps for this game the past 6 months:

Cobra: From the moment I took up the idea of reviving Tribes Vengeance, he has been along my side. He has invested an immense amount of time into running his server, doing research for Tribes Vengeance, writing guides and troubleshooting people and nowadays he is working hard on further improving the Promod.

Fireant: Just like Cobra, he has been by my side pretty much from the first moment. It is also thanks to him that we survived the dark age of Tribes Vengeance and thanks to him that we are where we are today. He has done heaps, by creating his launcher, creating website scripts which display server information and by helping a lot with Unrealscript coding in general.

B7ADE: This guy is just a genius. It is thanks to him that we managed to get Tribes Vengeance game servers running in a stable way on Linux. It is thanks to him that we have got the server browser, that we have got the new Tribes Revengeance builds and thanks to him that we are capable of editing the game’s data files.

Spiteofchaos: He recently came back to Tribes Vengeance after a long break. From the second he was around he offered his help in the technical department of coding the promod and fixing the game. He has done a lot of work behind the scenes, solving a lot of problems. Without him we would not have been where we are today.

Ron Mercer: The mastermind behind Qtracker. This is the guy responsible for creating the new master server(s) for Tribes Vengeance and many other games, which would have been declared dead, if not for him. He is a savior and deserves all the fame. Hereby I actively encourage people to donate to his cause and help keep his services online. His website is http://www.qtracker.com/

The community: If it weren't for all of you Tribals, we wouldn't be where we are today. It is thanks to your continuous support and dedication, that I was able to keep motivating myself and others to keep working on this. We aren't there yet, but now that we have made it thus far, I have great confidence we will succeed in whatever that may come towards us.

I would hereby like to thank everyone for playing and supporting this awesome game and I hope to see all of you in game shortly.

Link to the fixed Engine.DLL: http://tribesrevengeance.com/downloads/ ... Engine.dll
Link to the new Revengeance Build: http://tribesrevengeance.com/downloads/ ... geance.exe

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Re: *BREAKING* Tribes Vengeance: New master server and more!

Post by Fireant » Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:14 am

Great work everybody!

No offense..but you really should make bold TLDR to your posts:P

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