Promod Update (promod_v1rc5)

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Promod Update (promod_v1rc5)

Post by Cobra » Wed May 14, 2014 5:20 pm

Here we go again,

the latest promod version was released not so long ago, but a lot of issues still remain. Furthermore, the game could use some more "balancing" regarding the weapons, and a new promod update is one way of archiving this ;)

This newer version of the promod will mainly be focused on fixing some minor issues, as well as implementing new features and tweaking some of the weapons.

I will edit this post to keep you up to date as to what will be implemented in the new promod.

Comments and thoughts are most welcome :)

EDIT: Some bugs were encountered with promod_v1rc5. Most of them got fixed in the newest release (rc6) that is currently being run on the servers.

Promod_v1rc5 features:

- Sniper Head Shot Amplifier:
  • As mentioned on the Sniper head shot damage poll, the new promod will allow us to use a head shot damage amplifier. The amound of damage a head shot should deal, has been discussed in the forum, and the value will be set to 65.
- Rocketeer Stat:
  • The rocketeer stat had been implemented into the previous promod version, but it appears to be bugged. This version of the promod will therefore contain the fixed stat message that will be triggered when the following set of requirements are met.

    Code: Select all

    The amount of style points attributed per rocketeer stat has been set to 0
- Rocket Pod Damage:
  • To make the rocket pod more useful, the damage of the weapon has been increased to 20 damage per rocket (comming from 15 damage per rocket). The rocket pod fires 6 rockets at a time, adding up to a total of 120 damage, this should help to balance out this fairly weak weapon a bit. If the rocket pod proves to have become too strong, or if it is still too weak, it can be tweaked further using the promod's configuration file.
- Ability to change between retail and custom promod settings:
  • Instead of using different mods for the pub server and retail, we can now easily change between the custom promod setting and the default settings. This includes changing between the rover with a gunner or without a gunner, using the default tank projectile, or the modified mortar projectile and many more !
- Fixed Midair stats:
  • Along with the new Rocketeer Stat, the Midair Ma, Eat Disc and OMG stats have been modified in a way to only allow one of the stats to appear at the same time. Eat Discs are now also harder to get, and OMG's has become the new ultimate stat with an extreme range.
    EDIT: The bug where the Midair stats get triggered when hitting someone on the ground has been fixed in promod_v1rc6.

    here are the set of requirements needed for the spinfusor ma stats.

    Midair Disc:

    Code: Select all

    Eat Disc:

    Code: Select all


    Code: Select all

    The amount of style points attributed to the Ma, Eat Disc and OMG stats have been set to 1, 2 and 3 points respectively
- Fixed Energy Blade range:
  • The previous energy blade range was bugged and could not be modified. Promod_v1rc5 fixes that issue.
    EDIT: The Energy Blade settings could be modified ingame, but did not persist after a map change or server restart. The newest release of promod (rc6) fixes that problem and allows us to modify more than just the range.
- Implemented the ability to modify the blaster:
  • The blaster can now be modified completely to suit the game best.
- Inventory Stations now have a shield when baserape is turned on:
  • Previous promod version did not shield the inventory station correctly
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Re: Promod Update (promod_v1rc5)

Post by Yidbon » Sat May 17, 2014 2:44 pm

If all these cheese weapons are getting stronger..we must go back to 15 grapples.

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Re: Promod Update (promod_v1rc5)

Post by Oui » Sun May 18, 2014 8:39 am

Yidbon wrote:If all these cheese weapons are getting stronger..we must go back to 15 grapples.
nope , even with 10 grapplers most people are spamming all the time. 10 are just fine imo

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Re: Promod Update (promod_v1rc5)

Post by Slazerov » Sun May 18, 2014 8:53 am

7-8 grapple would be better imo, there some ppl grappling on every landing what gives possibility to grapple whore for at least 1,5 min, thats a lot.

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